Message to Members

Hello y’all and ROLL TIDE!
We are so glad to have you as a member of High Rolling Tide in Vegas, the official local chapter of The University of Alabama Alumni Association. It has been a long time coming, and after two years as a fan club, many meetings, conversations, and perseverance, we stand proud as the Las Vegas Chapter.

As President, I am excited to introduce you to our Board of Directors…


PUBLICITY, COMMUNITY SERVICE, HOSPITALITY, STUDENT RECRUITMENT, AND PROGRAM/SPECIAL EVENTS.?? If you would like to use your talents for these committees, please send a message to

High Rolling Tide in Vegas is new, but we are moving forward at a great pace! We want to continue our success and have set goals to help us keep moving forward. ??First and foremost, we are working on growing. We need members in order to maintain our chapter status and our activities moving forward. We have the website at and maintain our Facebook page. We also are on twitter. Please feel free to share that information with anyone you know or see walking around with an Alabama hat! Let’s continue to spread the word and keep our chapter thriving and expanding.

Our next priority is to gather… Let’s come together and share our common interests! We hold Football Viewing Parties throughout the 2017-2018 football season every game day at Miller’s Ale House?? 6683??South Las Vegas Boulevard,??Las Vegas, NV, located??in Town Square.

Lastly,??our third,??and most important goal was the establishment of The High Rolling Tide In Vegas Endowed Scholarship Fund. Your tax exempt contribution to the fund will help send a Nevada student to UA, where they will not only receive a top notch education, but help spread the Alabama pride to others! As you all know, Alabama is a long way from here, but this scholarship will tremendously aide in growing our Alabama recognition in Nevada!

Please consider donating today to the scholarship fund! Money cannot be awarded to a student until it reaches full endowment of $25,000. The University has a matching program to help us reach that amount, so your contribution will basically be doubled when you donate! In addition, your employer may participate in a matching program that will increase your contribution.

You may make a secure online contribution by going to, where you will find the link to ???Contribute to an Alumni Chapter Scholarship.??? The scholarships are listed in order by state and chapter. Under Nevada, scroll down to the Las Vegas Chapter, click on the High Rolling Tide in Vegas Endowed, then complete and submit the requested information. Your contribution is tax deductible. If you prefer to mail in your contribution, contact us for an envelope and card to insure it goes to the right High Rolling Tide in Vegas account.

On behalf of the entire chapter and board of directors, I would like to say welcome and thank you for believing in us. We share your love of Alabama, and we stand before you with the intension of making you proud to be part of High Rolling Tide in Vegas.