Membership Info

As members you help support the goals and outreach of The High Rolling Tide in Vegas, University of Alabama National Alumni Association. Your membership dues go for the cost of our group endeavors. Those include the website cost to keep membership informed of opportunities to come together, and other information about ways we grow, gather, and present ourselves to the community here in Las Vegas. We obtain merchandise to sell and create revenue for our endowed scholarship fund, which is our primary focus. We are diligently seeking to educate one of our Nevada students at the Great University of Alabama and we believe we can make that happen through enthusiastic members. We have special events and bring wonderful speakers from Tuscaloosa. (John Parker Wilson, for example) We have Recruitment functions at various times in order to showcase our University to students in Las Vegas. We also have so much fun at our Game Day Watch parties. With your membership dues, $30.00 for an individual, and $50.00 for a family, you will receive a welcome packet full of chapter information and ways you can get involved. You will also get a HIGH ROLLING TIDE IN VEGAS button, and one free raffle ticket at each game day event. If you purchase a Family membership, you will receive 2 buttons and 2 free raffle tickets. In addition, there will be member only benefits throughout the year. Please consider joining your University of Alabama High Rolling Tide in Vegas chapter, and have some fun with your Tide supporters. John Parker Wilson video for HRTIV